Every video is assigned a number, so we can judge and grade projects properly.

How do I determine my number?

Group Number + Title or Subgroup + Order in which you submitted the video.
Create the video number like this:

Examples for Flat Classroom®
  • 1.B.2 - Group 1, subgroup b, the second video turned in
  • 9.C.8 - Group 9, subgroup c, the eighth video turned in
  • 4.PM.1 - Some projects have project managers, in this case, the middle letters will be their title! PM for "project manager" and APM for "assistant project manager"

Examples for Net Gen Ed:
  • A.1.2 - Group A, subgroup 1, the second video turned in.
  • C.8.5 - Group C, subgroup 8, the fifth video turned in.
  • E.3.1.SGM - Group E, subgroup 3, first video turned in, Subgroup Manager (if your team decides to elect or appoint one - you may also have an ASGM - assistant sub group manager.)
  • D.PM.1 - Group D, project manager -- the APM or assistant project manager will be there instead of PM.

Where do I put the number?

It is posted with the video template in TWO places:
  1. The Master Group Page (linked from the Topics page) and the
  2. Master List of Submitted Videos (look at the left side of your project for this page.) -- This is for judging.

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