Flat Classroom Student Summit Information

What is a Student Summit

A summit is a meeting held in the online Elluminate classroom. These are recorded and often available for people from the public to attend. After the summit, the recording is archived and shared for those who wish to learn about the project later.
As a culmination to the project, classrooms are invited to schedule virtual presentations within Elluminate. The links for these meetings (and eventually the recordings) is in the table below. These sessions run for about 45 minutes. They provid an opportunity for students to talk about their work during the project, based on their team and topic. They also provide a virtual learning experience and real-time interaction with an international audience on a professional level. In other words, they flatten the walls of the classroom by inviting the world in and providing a platform for students to present and share their knowledge and to learn valuable digital citizenship lessons.
Past Student Summits to review: FCP09-2, FCP09-1, FCP08.
Please email Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis for more details flatclassroomproject@gmail.com

What do I do in the summit?

Follow the Student Summit instructions. Each student shares for 1-2 minutes about their topic and the most important thing that they learned on the project in Elluminate while their student summit photograph is showing on the screen. The summit is recorded and made available via the project wiki. Teachers will prepare and load the graphics in the summit.

Who is invited?

Educators and professionals around the world often attend the summit. They are typically recorded and public.

Student Photograph

Each student is allowed to bring one "jpg" file into the summit. A "jpg" file is a picture file.

  1. Create your jpg file in a graphics program or Powerpoint (if you create it in powerpoint click Save as and under file type select "jpg.") This photograph will be on the screen when you talk about your topic and your experience with the project.
  2. Upload your photo to the "photo" tab of the Ning.
  3. Tag the photo "summit" and also the school tag assigned by your teacher as shown in the photo
    tag your photo w/ your school name
  4. Your teacher will then be able to find the photograph and copy it to load it into Elluminate before the session.
  5. Teachers often take these photos and load on the summit page for the project.

Summit Tutorial

Thank you to Salim, a Flat Classroom teacher from Oman, who put together this tutorial. PPT available for download and images shown here also.



Elluminate is our virtual classroom used for this project. Please see your project for the link to the classroom for the project. At least 24 hours before going into elluminate, please follow the elluminate set up instructions and test it on your machine.

Suggested Methodology

Suggested methodology or approaches taken by teachers involved in previous projects