Creating groups for students, researchers, and judges is useful on the Ning, because the "send message" feature lets members of the group send a message to everyone in the group. Schools are encouraged to ask their students to join a group so that they can communicate and talk about school-specific issues. Just remember, that most of it can be viewed.

See Ning help: How to Create a Group

Invitation Only Group management

You can invite members or members can request an invitation.

Group invitations are a little tricky, AFTER the student has requested an invitation, the teacher should:

1) Go to the Project Ning
2) MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IN. If you aren't it is a mess and you can't figure it out!
3) Click on your group
4) Click "manage group members"
Group administration Example

5) You'll see that there are two tabs, "members" and "invited." If it is NOT a private group, Invited may not show.
6) You can click on invited and click "resend invitation."
7) When students ask to join, a new tab will appear called "requested Invite" - click that tab.

8) Check the person's name you would like to join the group and click "Invite." They will officially be allowed to join now!
approving an invitation

Problems should be reported to and the flat classroom group.