Video Specifications

Video Tutorial #1 - How to Find Current Information about Videos
This says "Horizon Project" but the instructions are the SAME for all projects!!!

Find more videos like this on Horizon Project 2008

Types of Videos on the Project

Please check your Topics page on the project wiki to see information on the types of videos for your project.

Submitting your Video to the Project

  1. Embed on the Video Tab of your Ning.
  2. Post on your assigned page (look at the main page for your topic) using the template below, follow the instructions on Video Number Instructions.
  3. Post your video on the Master List of Submitted Videos wiki page for your project. (look on the left side)
    If your video is not there, it WILL NOT be judged by your peers or the experts.

Video Template Explanation

Copy and paste this below your video on your assigned wiki page. (See your topic page)
Title - Insert the title - if it is part of a series, specify which video number and the name of the series. PLEASE paste the series in order.
Video Number - Add the video number -- See Video Number Instructions
Author - Insert your First name last initial, Country, Year.Follow our privacy guidelines!
Contributor(s) - Insert first name last initial, country, year - Item contributed (list all items contributed for the video)
Insert video here. The embedded video should be from the Ning. Follow privacy guidelines.
Alternate link to video: If you had an alternate location, you may put it here.

Blank Video Template

(to copy and paste)
Video Number
Contributor(s) -
Alternate link to video:

Copyright and Citations

Creative Commons

All materials must be creative commons licensed including music, photographs, and other video. This is for your own protection. Great sources of music are the podsafe music network (you must attribute and hyperlink to the source) and the Owl Music Search under the creative commons website. The creative commons website and the WikiMedia Commons are also great sources of creative commons licensed materials. Remember, you must cite all sources of your materials. This includes the hyperlink. (You may choose to use Google Notebook or to track these.)


We are using MLA as our standard citation and services like Citation Machine will help you with this.

More information about putting citations on the wiki.

Where do credits go?

  1. On the wiki - All citations must be at the bottom of a wiki page under the title of your document or section in order of citation. The heading should say "Citations."
  2. At the end of the film - Additionally, all citations should be in the credits at the end of the film. The credits DO NOT COUNT as part of the length of the final video.

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